Recent News

May 2016

• New material combines useful, typically incompatible properties.

• Materials science: Clockwork at the atomic scale.

September 2015

• Ferroelectricity goes nanoscale.

• Researchers discover the emergence of crucial properties as nanoelectric devices decrease in size.


• Man-made material pushes the bounds of superconductivity

• Artificially engineered superlattices of pnictide superconductors (See full text)

• With new high-tech materials, UW Madison researchers aim to catalyze U.S. manufacturing future

• Giant Piezoelectricity on Si for Hyperactive MEMS (See full text)

• Microfabrication breakthrough could set piezoelectric material applications in motion

• PhD student Sanghan Lee presented with prestigious research award (MRS Gold award)

• Metallic and Insulating Oxide Interfaces Controlled by Electronic Correlations (See full text)

• Engineering atomic interfaces for new electronics

• Post-doc Seung-Hyub Baek presented with prestigious research awards (MRS silver award) (Turnbull award)

• PhD student Sanghan Lee earns top honors for MRS oral presentation on Co-doped BaFe2As2 single crystal thin films (MRS presentation award)

• New nano techniques integrate electron gas-producing oxides with silicon (See publication)

• Template engineering demonstrates possibilities of new superconducting material (See publication)

• New approach could produce multifunction nanodevices (See publication)

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